V3n0M-Scanner – Free and Open-source Vuln Scanner in Python

Popular Pentesting scanner in Python3.6 for SQLi/ XSS / LFI/ RFI and other Vulns.
Evolved from baltazar’s scanner, it has adapted several new features that improve functionality and usability. It is mostly experimental software .
This program is for finding and executing various vulnerabilities. It scavenges the web using dorks and organizes the URLs it finds. Use at your own risk.

Very useful for executing:

  • Cloudflare Resolver[Cloudbuster]
  • LFI->RCE and XSS Scanning[LFI->RCE & XSS]
  • SQL Injection Vuln Scanner[SQLi]
  • Extremely Large D0rk Target Lists
  • Admin page Finding
  • Toxin [Vulnerable FTPs Scanner] [To Be Released Soon]
  • DNS BruteForcer
  • Python 3.6 Asyncio based scanning

Disclaimer:- This project was created for educational purposes and should not be used in environments without legal authorization.

Download: https://github.com/v3n0m-Scanner/V3n0M-Scanner

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