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Private Server WorldSvr.bin with Monster/Server_Mob expansion + All crash fixes [Working / Not Full]


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This is a (most likely unfinished, but working without much of a problem, but use it at your own risk, as no support will be given. Always keep backup of old WorldSvr.bin) WorldSvr.bin with:
  • Monster Limit Expansion - previously: 2047 | Now: 3071
  • Server_Mob.scp / smob.enc expansion (more monster attacks can be added)
  • Anti-Crashes implemented already


Although this WorldSvr.bin allows you to add much more monsters and monster attacks, there might be issues with the following:

- Event monsters in Database [Monster Spawn Event] most likely won't work with any mob above 2047 [Untested - test on your own]
- Any other Event related things in .scp files might not work if that Event monster's number is above 2047 [Untested - test on your own]
- DO NOT forget to restart the server FULLY after changing the bin.

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