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How To Check Disk Performance (I/O Speed) of Your Server


How to Test Disk Speed (I/O)

Login to your VPS via SSH and issue this magic command;

1dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync

How to know how fast your VPS is?
My general rule is: anything over 50 MB/s is considered acceptable. But if you bought a SSD-based VPS and it performs under 100MB/s, then that is unacceptable.
Here’s some results of some Low End VPSes I have:

1. RamNode SSD-Cached 128MB

2. TrueVPS SSD-Cached (now acquired by RamNode)

3. UGVPS (special promo plan) – HDD RAID

4. ServerMania – SSD-Cached

So, what about your server? Go ahead share the result with me 🙂

Source : http://www.servermom.org/check-disk-performance-io-speed-server/910/